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When Digital Influsers become an International Brand asset

YD INFLUXE helps brands to engage and activate chinese and international audiences through top influencers, bloggers and social media influsers. Using our unique Yiducity platform and multichannel O2O expertise, we develop and execute creative and effective influencer marketing strategies to reach millions of people for your Brand Engagement, distribution and sales activities in China and international markets.


YD INFLUXE is a full service influencer O2O marketing agency. Our in-house team of specialists includes influencer project managers, digital marketing analysts, social media experts, cross-border and multi-channel distribution managers to support your brand to define goals, concrete objectives and manage campaign execution.

A Division of Shanghai Yiduqiao (Qiao Lab Group), since 2011 a distributor based in China specialized in Cross-Border, e-Commerce, Social Commerce and Direct Distribution in partnerships with major digital retailers and shops chains in China, Asia, Europe, USA, Middle East and South America.

10.000+ Influencers @Social Media specifically selected by our Academy

160.000+ e-Citizens @ Yiducity AI O2O Platform.

300.000+ high-end customers @ 1DUTE VIP CLUB (B2B / B2C).

  • A global network that allows your brand to engage consumers with direct interactions online & offline,in order to trigger actions and initiatives in real-time, anywhere in China and worldwide.
  • An exclusive platform with AI inside that enables companies to consolidate brands presence in different markets, integrating their Marketing, Communication, Business and Social Commerce activities.
  • An innovative Promo&Sales Channel all-in-one that combined brands awareness with wholesale and selling process O2O, thereby allowing a costs reduction and an economy of scale, promoting and real-time monitoring trade results.
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Yd Influxe Next Generation

The most advanced way to create valuE for your brand

YD INFLUXE combines influencers actions on Social Media with digital AI O2O activities as concrete lever to create value for Brands and projects.

Appropriately selected Influsers for compentences and capacity to transfer Brand Value to their followers, combined with direct interaction with customers both Online and offline to maximize company's ROI and brand awareness.

Thanks our YD INFLUENCER LIVE MANAGEMENT, dealing in 1-Click the influencers selection,budget campaign value, post / draft production, verification and final approve, live campaign and results.

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Our selected influencers and trained influsers by our Academy cover segments such as: Fashion, Beauty, Food&Beverages, Lifestyles, Luxury, High-Tech, Automotive, Travel, Sport, Family and Parenting, some other niche interests and passions.


YD INFLUXE create and develop influencer marketing strategies, social media actions, digital marketing, digital PR, contents strategy and productions, campaign data results and reports, engagement management, customer care


With our exclusive AI platform we create special funnels and interaction with users, prospects are scored, based on their activities and receive targeted selected contents and messaging, thus nurturing them from first interest through to sale and next loyal continuation.


YDFOCUS is the first interactive focus group O2O at your service for the market test of your product, services and distribution strategy. With direct involvement of our selected VIP CLUB high-end members, is possible verify live the real market consistency of your products


With Yiducity, our exclusive AI O2O Platform, we can create innovative interactive actions without barrieres online and offline combining e-commerce, Cross-border, Guerrilla Marketing, Flash Mobs, AR inSHOP activities and much more.


YD INFLUXE special projects:our productions in which companies can be involved by special targets or opportunities, alone or together with others in more extensive activities and interaction like road shows, special challenges and missions, workshops,interactive games and events.


Your Campaign in 3 steps

Campaign Activation in 1-Click from iStores

Activate your new campaign directly from your iSTORE in 1-CLICK

Influencers selection and Budget management

Influencers really interested and budget campaign management (Cash, coupons, gifts)

Draft verification and final approve

Influencers show their drafts posts for your comment and final approval

Direct from your iSTORE

Yd Influxe Live Management
Activate your Campaign directly from your iSTORE in 1-Click to share your brands, products and services values, define your campaign budget, coupons and gifts for influencers involved.

All in One

Campaign Preparation In your iSTORE
Campaign Activation Campaign Activation
Budget Management Cash / Coupons / Gifts
Influencers Selection in 1-Click Live Availabilty
Posts Verification / Final Approve Comments and Drafts
Live Management Campaign Analysis & Reports


Brand awareness

Brand activities combining influencers with digital actions, social media and offline initiatives, to create value around brand company or products.

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AI O2O Activities

Yiducity activities online & offline, promo-sales inshop, try&buy, guerrilla marketing and flash mobs for a direct contact with clients everywhere..

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Special Projects

YD INFLUXE own exclusive events, road shows, challenges, games, forums, workshops and institutional meetings with which create brand awareness and sales online & offline.

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