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When Focus Groups become a strategic assets for your brand in China & International Markets

YD INFLUXE FOCUS GROUPS helps brands to evaluate their real potentiality on Chinese and international markets with a direct interaction with targeted and geolocalized consumers. Using our unique Yiducity platform, we develop and execute creative and effective focus group, test panel, Q&A O2O interaction for your Brand in China and international markets.

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Opinions in 1-Click directly from your consumer target for your products / brands

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All opinions from consumers are immediatly rewarded with gold coins spendable on Yiducity

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Your focus group and interaction exactly where you desire @Yiducity

Powerful actions

Direct opinions and real commercial activities for your products

Live actions O2O

Consumer interact directly with your product live O2O

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With our exclusive "Get your price" we go beyond a simple opinion

Why choose us

With our YD FOCUS GROUP never been so easy to get opinions from your potential customers in China and on international markets.

You activate your focus group campaign on your iSTORE in 1-CLICK. Your Consumers react in 1-CLICK and are rewarded immediatly.

Digital interaction by e-Commerce, Social, e-Mails to your products.

Special actions, missions and gamefication activities.

Interactive opinions and advises from your selected target consumers immediatly rewarded.

Beyond digital interaction we create online/offline focus group,test panels, roadshows and much more.

A direct action offline with your customers for a direct live interaction.

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Our Advantages

Digital Focus Groups @Yiducity
Geolocalized Actions for areas and targets
Interactive customers opinions in 1-CLICK
Immediate focus group rewards for opinions and interaction
Live report & opinion analysis to define your next steps


Digital Focus Groups

Digital interaction with targeted and geolocalized consumers by direct e-Mail, Social Media, digital flyers and e-Commerce.

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Yiducity activities online & offline by invitation, taste activities, road-shows, try&buy, guerrilla marketing and flash mobs for a direct contact with clients everywhere..

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Special Activities O2O

YD INFLUXE own exclusive O2O events, road shows, games, workshops and selected focus groups meetings online & offline.

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